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Evidence-based clinical guidelines are designed to provide systematically developed recommendations to assist clinicians and their patients in making decisions about appropriate treatment for specific conditions. While these may often be widely available, nowhere are they collated into a single, practical text. This book will fill this need for those working in maternal-fetal medicine, comprehensively covering the conditions, diagnostic and therapeutic challenges faced by those working in fetal care. Presented in highly illustrated, algorithm format with fetograms and autopsy correlations included, this book will aid in the diagnosis, investigation, counselling and therapeutic options for the management of fetal abnormalities and disorders.

  • Comprehensive, algorithm approach to the diagnosis, investigation and management of fetal abnormalities and disorders
  • With over 650 images and illustrations throughout, a focussed approach enables an easy-to-read revision guide for all those involved in Fetal Maternal Medicine
  • Offers an understanding of pathological conditions through the use of fetograms and autopsy images, with guidance on available therapeutic options available
  • Offers insight into how to navigate counselling and management of patients
  • Aggregates clinical guidelines into one clear, accessible text with step-by-step methods to solve clinical challenges


Fetal Medicine An Illustrated Textbook

Table of Contents

1. Fetal anatomy: first trimester assessment
2. Screening for common chromosomal abnormalities and other genetic conditions
3. Fetal Anatomy: second and third trimester assessment
3.1 Head and neck
3.2 Fetal heart and common antenatally diagnosed cardiac anomalies
3.3 Thoracic and pulmonary abnormalities
3.4 Spine
3.5 Abdomen
3.6 Genito-urinary tract
3.7 Skeletal Anomalies
4. Small for gestational age and fetal growth restriction
5. Large for gestation age fetus
6. Rhesus disease
7. Fetal alloimune Thrombocytopenia
8. Hydrops in second and third trimester
9. Abnormal placenta
10. Umbilical cord abnormalities
11. Amniotic fluid abnormalities
12. Multiple pregnancy
13. Short cervix in asymptomatic women
14. Fetal infections
15. Drugs in pregnancy and teratogenesis
16. Ultrasound guided invasive diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
17. Fetoscopy and ultrasound guided thermal therapeutic prodecures
18. Fetal surgery for spina bifida
19. Genetic syndromes
20. Termination of pregnancy for fetal abnormality.


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