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Improve your ability to provide reliably accurate rhythm strip interpretation with the newly updated, fully interactive ECG Workout, 8th Edition.

Written by an expert arrhythmia instructor, this definitive guide to electrocardiography basics identifies and explains the many types of arrhythmias seen in nursing practice, and describes the various rhythm groups, forms of equipment, and treatment protocols. A proven guide to ECG tracing interpretation methods, the text offers crucial support to nursing students; nurses practicing in cardiac care, critical care, or trauma settings; and those preparing for advanced cardiac life support (ACLS) certification.

In this edition:

  • NEW and updated figures, boxes, and tables, as well as additional practice strips
  • NEW! Improved organization of anatomy and physiology content
  • All content aligns to the most current ACLS guidelines
  • Nearly 50 perforated, removable arrhythmia flashcards that provide added practice and interpretation content
  • Perforated, removable arrhythmia summary tables to assist in differentiation between the four rhythm groups.
  • Step-by-step directions for interpreting rhythm strips and understanding and interpreting ECGs
  • More than 600 ECG practice strips for practice under expert guidance
  • A final-chapter self-test with more than 100 waveform rhythm strips for practice on determining rhythm, rate, P wave, PR interval, QRS complex measurement, and on rhythm interpretation
  • Pocket ECG conversion table on inside back cover supports precise heart rate calculation
  • End-of-chapter strips from actual patient cases, with 3-second indicators for rapid-rate calculation
  • Back-of-book answer keys that help you evaluate your skills and distinguish between various heart blocks
  • Chapters address ECG concepts and skills in well-illustrated detail:
    • Electrophysiology—The electrical basis of electrocardiology
    • Arrhythmias—Examples, causes, clinical treatments, and practice strips for sinus, atrial, junctional, and AV blocks, and ventricular and bundle-branch block rhythms
    • ECG tracing components—Waveforms, intervals, segments, complexes, and waveform identification
    • Cardiac monitors—Lead systems, lead placement, ECG artifacts, and troubleshooting monitor problems
    • Methods for precise rate calculation
    • Cardiac pacemakers—Types, indications, function, pacemaker terminology, malfunctions, and pacemaker analysis, including practice tracings



Chapter 1.  Anatomy and Physiology of the Heart
Chapter 2.  Electrophysiology
Chapter 3.  Waveforms, Complexes, Intervals, and Segments
Chapter 4.  Cardiac Monitors
Chapter 5.  Analyzing a Rhythm Strip
Chapter 6.  Sinus Rhythms
Chapter 7.  Atrial Rhythms
Chapter 8.  Junctional Rhythms and AV Blocks
Chapter 9.  Ventricular Rhythms and Bundle-Branch Block
Chapter 10.  Pacemakers
Chapter 11. Post Test
Arrhythmia Summary Pull-Out Section
Electrocardiographic Conversion Table for Heart Rate

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