Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology: Chest and Cardiovascular System



The 17 chapters in this book have been selected from the contents of the Chest and Cardiovascular System section in Grainger & Allison’s Diagnostic Radiology 6e. These chapters provide a succinct up-to-date overview of current imaging techniques and their clinical applications in daily practice and it is hoped that with this concise format the user will quickly grasp the fundamentals they need to know. Throughout these chapters, the relative merits of different imaging investigations are described, variations are discussed and recent imaging advances are detailed.


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Techniques in Thoracic Imaging, Arjun Nair . Zelena A. Aziz . David M. Hansell The Normal Chest, Simon P.G. Padley . Katharina Marten . Christoph Engelke The Chest Wall, Pleura, Diaphragm and Intervention Johny A. Verschakelen . Fergus Gleeson The Mediastinum, Including the Pericardium, Nadeem Parkar . Cylen Javidan-Nejad . Sanjeev Bhalla . Simon P.G. Padley Pulmonary Infection in Adults, Tomas Franquet Airway Disease and Chronic Airway Obstruction, Philippe A. Grenier . Catherine Beigelman-Aubry Pulmonary Lobar Collapse: Essential Considerations, Susan J. Copley Pulmonary Neoplasms, Simon Padley . Olga Lazoura High-Resolution Computed Tomography of Interstitial and Occupational Lung Disease, Nicola Sverzellati . Zelena A. Aziz . David M. Hansell Thoracic Trauma and Related Topics, John H. Reynolds . Hefin Jones Airspace Diseases, Nicola Sverzellati . Sujal R. Desai Cardiac Anatomy and Imaging Congenital Heart Disease: General Principles and Imaging, Andrew M. Taylor . Michael A. Quail Non-ischaemic Acquired Heart Disease, Luigi Natale . Agostino Meduri Ischaemic Heart Disease, Jan Bogaert Pulmonary Circulation and Pulmonary Thromboembolism, Ieneke J.C. Hartmann . Cornelia M. Schaefer-Prokop The Thoracic Aorta: Diagnostic Aspects, Rossella Fattori . Luigi

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