Fetal Cardiology

Fetal cardiology is an important part of management for high-risk pregnancies: one in every 100 babies is born with a heart problem. Fully updated, this second edition of Fetal Cardiology covers all aspects of fetal heart disease and relevant non-cardiac aspects of diagnosis and management. This handbook provides clinically relevant guidance in a concise, practical format which is ideal for use in the clinic and as a quick reference for the reader.

Featuring new chapters on the three vessel trachea view and neurodevelopment issues in fetal cardiac disease, and brand new high-quality annotated images; this new edition is the definitive pocket guide to the subject.

Clearly structured to allow a systematic approach to diagnosis, decision making, and patient counselling, Fetal Cardiology is perfect as a refresher for experienced clinicians in fetal and cardiological care, or as an informative overview for the paediatrician, echocardiographer, and trainees in associated disciplines.



1. Introduction
2. Aetiology of fetal heart disease
3. History and examination
4. The normal heart
5. Indications for fetal echocardiography
6. Fetal echocardiography
7. 3 vessel trachea view
8. Other investigations
9. Structural abnormalities
10. Left heart abnormalities
11. Right heart abnormalities
12. Septal abnormalities
13. Abnormal ventriculoarterial connections
14. Miscellaneous abnormalities
15. Abnormalities at a glance
16. Abnormal cardiac position
17. Fetal cardiac rhythm
18. Cardiac function
19. Heart muscle disease
20. Fetal cardiac tumours
21. Nuchal translucency and the heart
22. Fetal hydrops and the heart
23. Twins and the heart
24. The heart in the sick fetus
25. Pregnancy management of fetal cardiac disease
26. Neurodevelopment issues in fetal cardiac disease
27. Post-natal evaluation

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